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Zeze Apple Catnip Plush

Zeze Apple Catnip Plush

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  • Contains catnip in the plush
  • Attached with Matatabi stick 
  • Matatabi Sticks are cut from all natural sections of vine of the silvervine plant and contain natural oils that cats are attracted to just like catnip. You gently rub off some bark of the stick to release the scents then give to your cat to enjoy.

Measurement: 9*10cm

Benefit of Catnip:
- Add enrichment and encourage active play sessions
Great option to reduce anxiety or stress and encourage cat to relax.

*Do note that not all cats will respond strongly to catnip, and some cats will not react at all. 


DISCLAIMER: Above product description does not represent the original write up by the ZEZE. Description are written and taken by us (Woofy Goofy) to provide you with a better understanding of the product. 

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