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Woofy Goofy

Moggies Dehydrated Goji Berries Duck Buttons

Moggies Dehydrated Goji Berries Duck Buttons

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Get your furry friends drooling with Moggies handmade Dehydrated Goji Berries Duck Chips! Perfect for pairing with snuffle toys or as training snacks, these treats are suitable for both cats and dogs. Keep them entertained and happy in a healthy way. 

Ingredients: Duck Breast and Goji Berries 

Net Weight: 50g 

Production date: 17th March 2024, best consumed within 6 months from date of production. 

Storage instruction: 

  • Keep in a cool dry place 
  • Once open store in fridge 


PS, do note that all containers come with cotton wool to slow down oxidation and to keep treats in place during delivery. Please remove before consumption! 

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