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Woofy Goofy

Choco PupCream Tug Plush

Choco PupCream Tug Plush

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Woofy Goofy Exclusive In-House Design

Chocolate Ice Cream Tug Toy! Our toy is designed to provide your furry friend with endless entertainment and mental stimulation, featuring a soft and cuddly chocolate ice cream and cone design that's sure to appeal to any dog lover.

The toy consists of two separate parts - the ice cream and cone - which are attached together via a durable rope, making it perfect for a game of tug-of-war. Plus, with a built-in squeaker on both ends of the rope, your dog will be engaged and entertained for hours on end.


  • Squeaker in both the ice cream and cone plush
  • Attached rope for a fun game of Tug 

Measurement: 40cm x 7cm 

Bundle Promo

From 25th March 2023 to 25th April 2023, purchase our toy as a bundle with Pupperlick and enjoy $5 off! You will receive a $15 Pupperlick voucher with this bundle for you to redeem either Block Star Sorbet Bricks or G.O.A.T Vibes Only Milk Squares at their website, *delivery fee applies*. 
Voucher valid till 31st Jul 2023



Benefit of Snuffle Toy:

  • Encourages dogs natural instinct for sniffing and foraging
  • Great as a calming activity for stressed or anxious dogs
  • Useful as a distraction activity for dogs who suffer separation anxiety
  • Slow down pets that gobble down on their food. 
  • Low impact activity for dogs with limited mobility 


As with all our in-house product:

  • All seams are double stitched and reinforced for long lasting play.
  • No Toys are indestructible, do supervise your pup during play.
  • Material: Soft Crystal Velvet Fabric
  • Machine Washable, however we advise to have them place inside a laundry bag and air dry. 

Ps, not suitable for heavy chewer. 

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