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Our in-house dog toy collection turns everyday objects into pup-tastic playthings, they will never be left out anymore!

Let's Get Goofy


Elevate playtime with our captivating snuffle toys and elevate taste-buds with Wild Chow's diverse range of protein-packed treats. Unleash the pairing that turns every moment into a deliciously quirky adventure for your pet!


Walks Essential

Walking your furry friend just got a whole lot better with our leash and harness selection - it's the perfect way to unleash some tail-wagging fun.

Let's head for a Walk

Feline Craze

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WG Delightful Quest

Woofy Goofy was born out of our Corgi companion, Dingdong's, insatiable desire for quirky adventures! With Dingdong's wagging tail as our inspiration, we embarked on a whimsical journey, curating affordable and culturally-inspired pet toys and accessories. Our mission? To ensure that every furball out there finds their perfect toy companion, spreading joy and giggles among pets and their playful parents.

Story Telling
  • Beast Buddy

  • Gentle Pet Store

  • Licked SG

  • TwoFurSeven

  • Shut Up Doggy

  • Gai Ding Go

  • CNA 938

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