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Majong Snuffle Mat

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Regardless of the occasion, Majong is always the sought after game for all ages. Grab this Majong Snuffle Mat exclusively made for your furry friend.


  • Multiple Pocket and brackets to hide treats
  • 8 Pull out ingot pockets
  • Anti-slip mat 

Measurement: 50*50cm 

Ps. Majong tiles plush featured in the photo is not inclusive in the snuffle mat. 

Benefit of Snuffle Mat:

  • Encourages dogs natural instinct for sniffing and foraging
  • Great as a calming activity for stressed or anxious dogs
  • Useful as a distraction activity for dogs who suffer separation anxiety
  • Slow down pets that gobble down on their food. 
  • Low impact activity for dogs with limited mobility 


Additional Info: 

  • No Toys are indestructible, do supervise your pup during play.

  • Material: Soft Fleece and Felt

  • Machine Washable, however we advise to have them place inside a laundry bag and air dry. 


DISCLAIMER: Above product description does not represent the original write up and photo by ISPET. Description are written by us (Woofy Goofy) to provide you with a better understanding of the product.