Minion Squeaky Plush

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Minion plushy comes in three different design, all with their own unique features. 


Ropey Minion Plush comes with a squeaky in the chest area, 2 rope handle at both sides of the body. Measures 19cm height x 21cm wide. 


Twisty Minion Plush comes with 6 squeaky at different parts of the body, twisted hand for an additional fun! Measures 24cm height x 40cm wide. 


Straw body Minion Plush comes with a squeaky in the head, a straw material body for a different kind of texture when the pup bite! Measures 30cm height x 11cm wide. 

Minion Knots Squeaky Plush comes with a total of 9 squeaky in each of the knots on both arms, together with a loud squeaky at the center of its chest. Definitely a fun filled experience for your pup! Measures 25cm height x 53cm wide. 

Guitarist Minion Plush is probably the most unique and fun pet toy plush you’ve encountered! It plays the minion song when press in the center of its chest!! Measures 24cm height x 12cm wide.