FuHsi Alien Plush with Antler

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Adding a little more fun to the usual plush, FuHsi attached antlers towards the end of the plush with a rope to give it an extra texture for a more fun experience. Each plush also cones with a squeaky. 


PS. All antler are natural fallen, thus each antler that is attached to the plush varies in its colour, size and shape. 


Measurement: (height x width) 
Black Bat : 11cm x 12cm 
Pink Piggy: 16cm x 15cm
Orange Octopus: 12cm x 14cm
Aqua Monte Fly : 16cm x 9cm 
Captain America :  14cm x 12cm
Red Bull: 10cm x 12cm 
Yellow Dino : 12cm x 12cm

Please give allowance of 1-2cm for the measurement. 


Ps: Item may not be suitable for heavy chewer.