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Woofy Goofy

Fruity Squeaky Plush

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S$4.50 SGD

How about some fruity plush for your puppy? 

Suitable for all ages, strong and durable for everlasting fun for your pup. 

Items come in 8 different design, with a squeaker in it. 

Product Dimension 
(Length* Height* Thickness)
Banana: 29cm* 4 cm  
Cactus: 28cm*4cm 
Watermelon: 21cm* 13cm* 4cm 
Strawberry: 15cm* 13cm* 4cm
Carrot: 25cm* 12cm* 4cm 
Pineapple: 21cm* 14cm* 4cm 
Brinjal: 28cm *4cm
Kiwi: 14cm*4cm


DISCLAIMER: Above product description and image does not represent the original write up and photo by Charming Pet. Description and images are written and taken by us (Woofy Goofy) to provide you with a better understanding of the product.